The Warrior

Mixed Media by Bryan Waytula


Size: 40" x 30"

Category: Mixed Media

Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee

Artwork Description:

"The Warrior" Mixed Media on Canvas This mixed media piece depicts Eugene Brave Rock, a Canadian actor and stunt man who grew up on the Kainai Nation reserve in Alberta. After a few conversations with Mr. Brave Rock on the social media page Instagram, he gave me his blessing to portray him as "The Warrior". A very tough looking man, I wanted to integrate this 1919 ledger paper that Native Americans use to create artwork on in the 1900's and revitalized again by artist in the 1970's an now again today. I printed old historic images and newspaper articles about the Wounded Knee march, the Occupation of Alcatraz, and various articles about the Native American Rights Activists and founders of the American Indian Movement and members like Dennis Banks, Russell Means, John Trudell, Vernon & Clyde Bellecourt. Those leaders, along with many followers, help fought for equal rights of indigenous people and honoring the treaties signed by the United States Government that had long been ignored and discarded. This piece pays respect to all who marched and fought for the rights and privileges we as Native American's have again today from a Government that forgets whose land this will always be. The Warriors who stood up to the tyranny of a Government that would give it's word and break it time after time. The ones who said enough and continue to protect the Earth for the generations to come. The Warriors who assemble to draw attention of the world to the injustice and destruction of our culture, traditions, rights, and land. We'll never forget "The Warriors" who have fought for their people's future so that our tribes will continue to live on.

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