The Guardian

Beadwork & Quillwork by Tanni' (Tyra Shackleford)


Size: 3.5 inches by 26 inches

Category: Beadwork & Quillwork

Tribal Affiliation: Chickasaw

Artwork Description:

Made with size 13 cut, size 11 cut, and size 10 seed beads using the two needle beading technique. Backed on brain tanned, smoked deer skin. Medallion is 3.5 inches in diameter and the beaded chain is 26 inches long. Chickasaw oral history tells us the woodpecker (bak bak) was a guardian for the Chickasaw people. There are stories about woodpeckers warning warriors going into battle. The woodpecker is also seen as a sign of good luck. The forked eye depicted on this woodpecker is also seen in traditional tattoos and face paint from ancient times. There were three different types of forked eye face paint/tattoos. This one with the two forks, represented the woodpecker and could be seen worn by warriors.

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