The Douglas Fir and The Mouse

Jewelry by Reily M Warren


Size: 3.5" x 2"

Category: Jewelry

Tribal Affiliation: Chickasaw

Artwork Description:

I made this broach for my grandmother. When I was a kid she would tell me a story about the Douglas Fir and the mice, explaining why the Douglas Fir cones have little tails sticking out between their scales. The story goes that there was a fire raging through the forest and the little mice could not outrun it, so instead they looked for shelter. After asking many different kinds of trees for help to no avail, they asked the Douglas Fir. The Douglas Fir told them to take shelter in their cones and wait for the fire to pass. The mice did as the Douglas Fir told them too and survived the fire by staying in the shelter of the cones. To this day if you look at a Douglas Fir cone you will see the tails of mice sticking out from them. About the piece itself: The backplate is made of brass, the mouse and mice tails are made of silver and the scales are made of copper. Each piece was individually cut out and riveted together. The copper front plate can swing open and closed to reveal the mouse hiding within.

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