Sacred Water Flows in All Directions

Baskets by Vivian Cottrell


Size: Length: 9.50" Depth: 9.50" Height: 4. 875"

Category: Baskets

Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee

Artwork Description:

Southeastern tribes most traditional basket weaving style (Pre-European contact) of rivercane and natural dyes. The natural cane represents the flowing water pattern while the black walnut (brown) and blood root (orange) dyed splints represent the hills and mountains and valleys of the southeastern tribal regions. The double weave basket is started at the inside of the basket, corners turned, diagonal weaving begins. The rim is turned over and the weaving on the outer side is continued. The one set of diagonal splints are tucked in the bottom of the basket and the opposite diagonal splints are woven to reflect the inside bottom of the basket. This style of weaving is unique to the Southeastern tribes when early Spanish explorers came through this area.

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