Living Life Boldly Totem Stick

Mixed Media by Carolyn Bernard Young


Size: 51" T x 7" W x 1" D

Category: Mixed Media

Tribal Affiliation: Choctaw

Artwork Description:

This ceramic collage is made of white stoneware shards, created when the clay is almost dry. The shards are covered with black slip, then carved in the sgraffito technique. Fired to 2167 degrees F, then mounted to a poplar “stick”, with bumpers at the bottom to protect your wall. Cardinal – The cardinal is often thought to be the spirit of a lost loved one. It is a symbol of boldness, confidence, and creativity. Dancer – The dancer design is a self-portrait of me dancing for joy, celebrating and giving thanks for the gift of doing what I love. Feather – Feathers are often associated with warriors and chiefs, but they also represent prayer. Winged Serpent – This symbol has been found scratched into the surface of clay pottery unearthed in ancient Southeastern mounds. It is associated with eternal life and sometimes referred to as the guardian of life. Spiral – The spiral is the most used symbol in the world. It is used by virtually every culture in some manner. For most North American tribes it symbolizes the life force, one’s personal path, or the creative spirit. Medicine Man – Sometimes called a Shaman - he speaks to the Great Spirit on behalf of the tribe, or a warrior going into battle. His visions helped guide the tribal leaders. Dragonfly – The dragonfly brings peace and joy to your life, but also symbolizes adaptability and change. Ready to hang with a D hook on the back.

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