He Appeared In My Dream

Mixed Media by Brent Deramus


Size: 11"W x 19"H x 5"D

Category: Mixed Media

Tribal Affiliation: Choctaw

Artwork Description:

I had a dream of three men adorned with deer antlers and ancient symbols tattooed on their bodies. They were aware that we were suffering mentally and physically as people, and so was our planet and everything in it. But it was obvious that they knew how to bring back balance and heal our people and our world and gave me a sense of calm. I have made various paintings of the three, but I knew I wanted to carve them as well. Both traditional and contemporary carving techniques were used to create this piece. The head is carved from a large pine stump I recovered from an area being cleared in Talihina, Oklahoma. This was only about 1/4 of the stump, there are so many rings on top of the head, it's easy to tell this was a very old pine tree. The antlers are made from hammered copper that have aged for over 6 months and have a heavy turquoise patina. The ear spools are also made of hammered copper and will continue to patina as the piece ages. More detailed photos available upon request. Thank you

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