Hasimbish Falaa’ Fochosh Holba’ (Pintail Duck Effigy)

Diverse by Lokosh (Joshua D. Hinson)


Size: 8” x 18” x 5”

Category: Diverse

Tribal Affiliation: Chickasaw

Artwork Description:

Inspired by ancestral duck effigy ceramics and sculpture traditions, this Chikashsha pintail duck effigy is hollow-carved in an alert position in northern white cedar and painted in artists’ oil colors.  The one piece head and two piece body are carved with traditional hand tools and decoy making techniques of the Core Sound, North Carolina area, blended with the visual vocabulary of my Mississippian and Chikashsha ancestors.  This effigy sculpture is my vision of what an ancestral Chikashsha wood sculpture may have looked like, and honors both my tribal ancestors and the decoy makers of Core Sound, who taught me to carve and welcomed me into their rich tradition of waterfowling and decoy making.  This piece stands prominently in my body of work, and reflects simultaneously the adherence to tradition and commitment to mediated cultural change, in the pursuit of survivance, of my Chikashsha ancestors.  Materials: Northern white cedar, artists’ oil colors, copper ring nails, leather

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