Gifts of the River

Beadwork & Quillwork by Martha Berry


Size: 36”H x 16”W x 1”D

Category: Beadwork & Quillwork

Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee

Artwork Description:

Beaded Bandolier Bag by Martha Berry Winner: Best of Division, Traditional Beadwork and Quillwork, Cherokee Art Market, 2019. Fresh water pearls, glass beads, wool stroud, cotton, silk. All materials and techniques are period authentic to early 19th century Cherokee beadwork. "MawMaw used to say that the blood of your folks and their folks was 'upstream.' That's the blood that's come down to you. The 'downstream' blood represents the ties we share with our children and their children--it's what we give of ourselves to our babies." -From the short story "Blood Memory" by Daniel H. Wilson, Cherokee author

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