ᏙᏳᏂᏏ Doyunisi

Textiles by Julie Thornton-Brison


Size: Adjustable waist band up to 50" x 27" in length

Category: Textiles

Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee

Artwork Description:

White on white calico print with 2.75 yards by 12.8" of hand woven ribbon done in fire colors is woven into a chevron pattern flowing into a diamond. This piece is titled "ᏙᏳᏂᏏ" or Doyunisi which means "Beaver's Granddaughter", the name for our traditional story character the "WaterSpider" the WaterSpider is associated with the story of the first fire of the Cherokee people. In honor of this, i chose to do this piece in what are considered "fire" colors.

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