Gaawiin geyaabi da-mamaasiiwag gidinawemaaganinaanig

Photography by Alyss Mountain

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Size: 24" x 36"

Category: Photography

Tribal Affiliation: Other

Artwork Description:

"Our relatives will no longer be stolen" "Liberty and Freedom" It's easy to throw the words around when it comes to having to wear a mask, when debating equality, when discussions fall on deaf ears trying to explain 'Generational Trauma' and that to understand, a person has to be born into it. This young lady comes from a place where a woman was murdered on her birthday on a bitter cold February night. Another goes missing just before Halloween, after presumably shopping for her own children. Where people searched far and wide and was later located after the person responsible led police to the place he discarded of her. A third, left on a backroad by someone who promised to love, honor and cherish her, all the days of her life, later to be found lifeless. A fourth who was airlifted to a hospital because of the hands of someone who "loved her'. Only to have the family forced to make decisions to allow her to transition from this life to the next. Because of where this young lady lives, and the egregious acts that have surrounded her, this will not be her normal. She will stand against the acts of violence just as the 3 generations who preceded her. She will see the good in people who surround one another in times of need. She will hold her male family members accountable to their actions. She will learn empowerment and know what it means to stand up for herself and others. She will encourage others to be the best versions of themselves. She will be fearless in the face of adversity. Like the millions of ancestors before her, she will stand in resilience.

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