Turtle Clan Journey

Mixed Media by Randy Kemp

$3,200 Sold

Size: 30" x 24"

Category: Mixed Media

Tribal Affiliation: Choctaw; Muscogee (Creek)

Artwork Description:

I once heard Albert Einstein speaking to the Hopi people on top the Grand Canyon plateau about balance and creation. The Petroglyphs on the canyon walls read “E=MC, circle, not square”. The Indigenous people believed the equation symbolizes the amount of “Energy of love” we generate between humans – is equal – To the Masses of Indian Nations – which impact the speed of the earth’s rotation! In other words Albert baby said “Elementary my dear friends, the more we love the faster we spin”. And then… I believe it was Vincent van Gogh, who once said “Believe in all in what you see, but only half of what you hear” Turtle Clan Journey. Mixed media on Stonehenge white paper 90lbs/Materials: Acrylic paints, Pencil, Silk Screen, Ink and name cards

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