Red America

Graphic Arts by Randy Kemp

$1,500 Sold

Size: 18" x 24"

Category: Graphic Arts

Tribal Affiliation: Choctaw; Muscogee (Creek)

Artwork Description:

Red America…Red America…Red America I’ve seen your effigies on display at the metropolitan museum of man. Pony war shields, beaded moccasins and headdresses. I seen your tribal names used by automobile companies, sports, mascots, Cities and Streets. Your tribal names are being used. Red America…Red America…Red America Hollywood has documented your culture by western movies. Sure! John Wayne shot blanks but, the Indian stereotypes were real! I once heard a man say, he was from the limited edition jeep Cherokee tribe. Sure, he’s parked right outside! Red America…Red America…Red America The truth is you’re surrounded by Red America all the time! Look around, we’re in your TV, Magazines, Rez Radios, Technology, Military and the Constitution of Rez Radio. Mono Type print original on BFK Rives paper/plexiglass/Oil paints/Oil inks/Brushes

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