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Jewelry by Verna Bates

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Size: (Necklace) L: 32" (including pendant) (Earrings) L: 6"

Category: Jewelry

Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee

Artwork Description:

Necklace and Earrings set. Individually hand-formed clay beads specifically arranged in sets of four, which represents the Four Directions, Four Winds, Four Seasons. SE tribes collected shells from the nearby bodies of water and oftentimes, there were pearls found inside the shell. The shells were turned into ladles, scrapers, jewelry, etc. and the pearls were transformed into decorative additions to jewelry and clothing. Copper was considered a valuable "trade item" and highly sought after because it was soft and pliable and could be shaped easily. This particular jewelry set is comprised of small hand-formed clay beads, three hand formed clay pendants, freshwater pearls, hand shaped copper wire, leather, sterling silver ear wires. The copper wire has been hand shaped into a "Never Ending" spiral. The overall length can be adjusted using the leather thong tied behind the neck. Clay beads and the hand formed pendants were kiln fired and later taken outdoors and flash-fired in a bed of dry pine needles to produce the beautiful dark smoky colors. Hand shined.

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