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Hasinay Wind Talkers

Beadwork & Quillwork by Yonavea Hawkins

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Size: Strap is 62” x 5”, bag is 10” x 10”. Flat dimensions: 32” x 24”

Category: Beadwork & Quillwork

Tribal Affiliation: Caddo

Artwork Description:

Design influences of spirals, swirls, hand with eye, and forked eye on strap and bag front are Spiro and Southeastern. Materials: Cut beads, wool broadcloth, rayon taffeta ribbon, cotton/silk yarn, metal cones and cotton thread. Technique: Loom work with fringe tabs and edge beading on strap. Flap of bag is edge bead and two needle applique stitch on the medallion. Bag front half loop stitch (similar to lane stitch) and edge beading.

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