Buffalo Walking and Moon

Painting by Randy Kemp

$2,100 Sold

Size: 24" x 30"

Category: Painting

Tribal Affiliation: Choctaw; Muscogee (Creek)

Artwork Description:

"Winter ended. The cold morning dew glistens off the tall forever prairie fields, on and on as my line of sight grows wide over the rolling hills. Today is peaceful, the wind is clear and fresh, as the sun burns bright and the rivers run hard. In the distance a top two rolling hills, merges a memory with fiction of stories of a great wars and battles. I’ve seen many warriors of all kinds professing their war cries of victory and death. The two legged-ones have become possessive of the creator’s land and resources. They must fight to define which is theirs and which is not, all to maintain their man made boundaries. Buffalo walk and moon." Hand painted with brush overlays/transitions on canvas

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