Welcome to Virtual SEASAM and SEASAM Youth offering a variety of art from Southeastern and Woodland First American artists.
For questions about a work of art, or to purchase, contact the artist directly. Artist contact information is provided with each listing. Be sure to visit often as new art will be added throughout the online market.
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Jewelry by E.Dee Tabor
Jewelry by E.Dee Tabor
Textiles by Sandi Sanders
Textiles by Sandi Sanders
Jewelry by Carolyn Bernard Young
Beadwork & Quillwork by Chelsea Griffin
Diverse by Gene IronMan Smith
Weaponry by Daniel Worcester
Textiles by Mattielee Wilkins
Pottery by Joanna Underwood Blackburn
Diverse by Richard Thomas
Sculpture by Richard Thomas
Jewelry by Richard Thomas
Weaponry by Richard Thomas
Mixed Media by Randy Kemp
Graphic Arts by Randy Kemp
Painting by Randy Kemp
Baskets by Vivian Cottrell